There Is Strength In Unity

She said ” Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway”. And to hear those words I thought; these couldn’t have come at a better time. Because I needed to hear those words to keep me from falling from grace. I needed to hear those wonderful words to silence the bad voices that kept saying it cannot be done. I needed those words to keep me focused on my end goal.

You see, I learned very young that I could only rely on myself. I knew then that; my success, failure and happiness should always be 100% my responsibility. So, I carved out my paths, came up with my ideas and relentlessly pursued my goals. While that was a good mindset to have. And it lessened the times that I had to deal with disappointments from other people.

The downside was that; trust, dependency on others or being part of a team ,even when it was an absolute necessity was a struggle for me. I had to push myself time and time again. To embrace the thoughts and to see the benefits that came with achieving a common goal together.

So recently when I had warmed up to the idea of being part of a tribe. The universe conspired and I was connected to a tribe. We started off beautifully, set off on this amazing journey. Like a rocket on its way up; the fire was burning and the motivation was off the charts. I talked endlessly of what a great journey I felt this could be. I envisioned the wonderful future that lay ahead for all of us .

I was so happy to have found an amazing group of motivated individuals who were on the same mission as me. Duties were delegated and we all got to work. Every individual playing a very important role and I couldn’t see how the team would function without any of the individuals in it. “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

But then there comes a time when the strength of a team must be tested and this testing came in sooner than anticipated. We hit our first wall and for a minute it felt like a wave had swept clean our land. For that minute it felt like our ship had sunk for good and there was no hope of being rescued. In that minute my motivation and drive were shaken. In that minute I second guessed my decision to be part of this team.

I wondered why I believed that we could do much as a team than I would individually. But, had I given up? No, I had not, am not one to give up easily. I might have been shaken for a minute but I always get back up. I had forgotten for that minute that “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

I was reminded of what I had learned; no matter what experience I go through I want it to grow me and not destroy me. So as much as I felt like pulling my head back into my shell, I was not going to. I was determined to go all the way and achieve my goals with or without the team. I told myself of how success doesn’t come to those who wait but, for those who go out and get it.

It’s for those who fall down and they get back up. As I motivated myself to not let this beat me. The team was up again, and it was like nothing had ever happened. Everyone was back to place like they had been before. And in those few minutes of our team coming back to life, I learned very Important lessons.

• I needed to cultivate more patience if I was going to succeed with the team.

• “…Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” Patrick Lencioni.

• Everyone fights battles that we know nothing about so seeking to understand others first before being understood is key.

• “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan

• “Collaboration allows teachers to capture each other’s fund of collective intelligence.” Mike Schmoker

So, moving forward I will not forget that while I can achieve so much on my own there is so much more than can be achieved as a team.
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