How It Use To Be; When I was A Child


I remember how it use to be and my heart warms up

I can still hear the sounds of my friends laughing, running around as the dark sets in with no care in the world.I can still hear my mama standing at the door shouting our names ,because it was way past dinner time and we were still out playing hide and seek.

We were kids then, it was peaceful then…humans were still kind, beautiful souls.
And now my 8-year-old goes to school every morning and I can’t help but wonder if she got to school okay, if when she goes out to play with her classmates she will be safe, if her teachers will be watching to make sure no one sneaks in and takes any of them away.
This is the story of the community we live in now,the news full of horrors of humanity. Where did all that made us different from beasts go,where did our humanity go.

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