Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your souls on fire.


“Mummy what did you always want to be when you grew up?”My 8-year-old asks eagerly and sits to wait for an answer.

This has become a regular talk every evening when she comes home from school. Every few days her dreams have different titles and grow bigger just like her young mind.One day she says she wants to be the president, another day she wants to be an astronaut and the latest a best-selling writer just like mama.

I think back and smile knowingly as she shares all these dreams,I realize I was never any different. Just like her, my dreams were endless,big and new every other day.I wanted to be a preacher at one time,a lawyer at another and later a psychologist.

However ,as I grew up I ceased to be the kid who use to dream and instead became everything everyone else wanted me to be. Not to say that was a bad thing, because in a way it helped me discover the most fulfilling jobs.

I never understood it back then ,but now as a grown up I realize,the sense of fulfillment in the jobs I had, had all along been driven by my wish to live my dreams. Even when I didn’t pay attention,my dreams were always there,waiting for me to acknowledge and pursue them.

As we stumble through life being what everyone else wants us to be,a part of us ceases to live,a part of us cries out for attention. However, if we take the time and have the courage to look within ,nothing will hold us back.The only limits we ever have, are those that we set for ourselves.Nothing that is part of us is ever lost.

“The biggest adventure you can take,is to live the life of your dreams” Oprah Winfrey. Having the impact in the world that we so much want,starts from connecting to our soul,striving each day to live from our hearts , never giving up on the dreams that have grown with us through the years .We are who we choose to be and the things we are passionate about are not random,they are our calling.

So as I narrow my answers to this question that comes up everyday, I think to myself. We are not cut out just to be one thing,we can be all we want to be, only if we have the courage to step out of what seems familiar. “Life is found in the dance between your deepest desire and your greatest fear” Tony Robbins

Be inspired to live your best life everyday.



  1. Good blog. I feel like most people including me lived a life (not mine) but what other people expected me to live. But ever since i started following my own path… i became more content, im morw happier in my journey.

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