Diamonds Are Made In The Rough



Every experience no matter how bad it seems, holds with it some kind of blessing. The goal is to find it” Buddha. And this was made clear to me as I listened and read the story of James Ellroy an American Best Crime Fiction writer .Quoted from The Guardian on his biography “…The defining event of Ellroy’s biography was the brutal murder of his mother when he was 10 years old. He did not know then that her death would “betroth” him to crime and he would go on to use, transform and, most controversially, exploit this personal catastrophe in his work…” 


While some experiences may seem brutal and some may seem like the normal everyday thing.  They are all important and when we know of them, it’s not because they are the biggest or the smallest. But, because the people who went through them, not only chose to survive and get to the light at the end of their tunnel. They chose the road very few do, fought the negative voices .Kept going even when nothing else made sense and did their best to maintain a positive attitude. 


And such are the stories that impact our lives, we learn through them and they change our perception of life. We don’t get to choose what life throws our way but how we respond and move forward is completely in our hands. It may be easier to give up, curl up in a corner and wallow in self-pity. But choosing to take the positive path always seems to work better than taking the negative path. 


My challenge today is, no matter what you have been through, make every one of your experiences count for something. Be better because of them. Don’t be defined by them, don’t let them make you someone you know you are not. Your strength is not built on just letting things be, but through resistance. Through overcoming things, you once thought you couldn’t. Diamonds as I have learnt are made in the rough, be one of them. 


Having gone through the experiences I have in my life. I have learnt and am still learning no matter what experience I go through. To remind myself every day of the person I know I can be. To believe in the truth I know about myself. To stand up and fight for who I know I can be and to keep walking even when my feet are trembling. Because I know there is so much more to me than what I see in a moment of tribulation. “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost. To reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences “Eleanor Roosevelt 


Who and what have you become as result of your experiences? The biggest and the smallest ones what have they made out of you? 

Be Inspired to live your best live every day. 

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