Declutter Your Way To A Super Life. 


It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, bright and sunny, beautiful blue skies and am feeling particularly cheerful, energetic and very much in a cleaning up mood. So today I decide to de-clutter, it’s been a long time coming. It always feels so good when it’s all done, however the process is sometimes emotionally challenging.

Over the years, I’ve had a habit of collecting things. Some things I’ve done away with over time, but for some I always find a reason to keep. I’ve kept old magazines, newspaper cuttings, added to my collection whenever I go shopping and one more thing that am more hesitant to admit, is that over time I’ve learned to collect and keep emotions too.  

I remember watching this Tv show a while back, Hoarders. And One thing I kept asking myself, why would someone do something like that? What I eventually learnt, is that hoarding is an emotional issue. It begins as a way to relieve anxiety but ends up producing more of it.

And this, might have been a highlighted group of extreme collectors, however there are many of us out here than we care to admit. And we may not be considered or consider ourselves hoarders as such. We strive to live a very simplified life, but we hang onto so many things that we don’t really need. We are not just proud owners of physical junk (no pun intended) but we have stacks of emotional junk too.  

The emotional junk part is what I’d like to explore because it’s the center of who we are. So, a few of us may hang onto positive emotions about people or situations, because every time we revisit them, they trigger good feelings in us. But, majority of us hang onto not so positive emotions like anger, resentment and many others.

There may be lots of reasons why we do it, but mostly because it makes us feel like we are in control, it’s like we holding hostage the person/people who caused the pain. And although more often we do not choose to do so consciously, what we don’t realize is that we have handed over control of our lives to situations or people that may or may not be in our lives anymore. It’s like the popular saying goes drinking poison and expecting someone else to die, it beats logic.  

Letting go things, people, emotions maybe a difficult process, however its very cathartic and it gives us a feeling of triumph. Each old thing that you let go, there is more space for the life you want. Now more than before more people are venturing into more spiritual and positive mindset living. Others discover that simple processes like de-cluttering, can help heal them emotionally. If we hope to create our lives as the master piece we dream it should be, we need to clean up both emotionally and physically and create space for the life we want. Learn to find joy and fulfillment in the now  

So, I’d like to pose a question for anyone reading this today, what in your part of your life needs de-cluttering? What junk is holding you back from the life you dream of?  

“You can’t reach for anything new, with your hands full of yesterday’s stuff” Louise Smith  


  1. Agnes, great blog. I have never thought about decluttering my life.. usually i de-clutter my house(things) but not emotions. After reading your blog, i realize it is indeed healthy and absolutely necessary to get rid of junk from the past that is not beneficial anymore.

    Sometimes we humans seek for answers when they are staring straight into us!

    Thanks for this blog.

    • Thank you ,am glad this was helpful. The junk we accumulate over time especially emotions suck up most of our energy . Writing this got me to explore my life too.

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