Are Self Help Books For You? 


“Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body” Sir Richard Steel. That explains why so many have picked up the habit over time, some do it as a form of therapy, some do it for fun. The reading enthusiasm however, does not extend to all genres of books. Self-help books particularly are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Reason being that some authors have tapped into the need and great demand for good resourceful reading. And Instead of providing practical advice that the readers seek, all they offer are the same things we have heard over and over without any real guidance. So, the conclusion for many is that self-help books don’t work.  

However, should a few bad reads be reason enough to condemn all the other great books that have been written with the real intention to help? Or is it that we have come to believe that self-help is for the selected few? those who need fixing. Books generally not just self-help have been a journey not only for me but for many others I know. 

I’ve graduated from reading John Grisham, Danielle Steel to Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and in between a mix of other genres. Personal development books as I like to call them, have been more of interest to me .They have been the guide and support I’ve had to rely on to this point in my life.  

I still remember the first book I read on personal development. A friend was so kind as to lend me for a few days the book First Things First by Stephen Covey. Though I didn’t get to read the whole book, the few pages I read were enough to spark my interest. Curious to discover and learn more, I have since made endless trips to bookstores to find books I enjoy. 

I’ve found joy in learning and applying the strategies I’ve come across. What I’ve learnt is that if we are to benefit from any personal development resources, a change of attitude is necessary. Self-help books are a great source of knowledge and insightful tips as I’ve discovered however, they do not fix. Nobody or nothing can change us unless we are at the point where change is an absolute necessity. And we are ready to get off our seats and do the work. 

So, in the same way we choose things that are of importance self-help books need a similar approach, we have to choose them wisely. Reading is a great habit to cultivate but what good is inspiration if it’s not backed up by action. I love to read and this is just my view on self-help books. However, what am curious to know is how effective or not effective self-help books have been to others out there.  “The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it” James Bryce. 

Be Inspired to live your best life every day.


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