A New Day; The Hang-ups And Letting Them Go To Allow For Change 



The first week of September is done, three months to the end of the year and for some reason it feels like the perfect time for a do over, a fresh start. And as it seems, this wind of change is not just blowing my way, I just found out that it’s also France season of change ” La rentrée“. Meaning the return; It’s the period after vacation, kids go back to school, grown-ups go back to work, while others take this time to implement new changes in their lives. So am glad to be on this venture with many others.  

 Every start of the year there is so much hype on resolutions. Many of us write down goals and we even outline the steps we need to take to achieve them. But, somewhere along the way life catches up with us. We get lazy, we don’t push ourselves as much and eventually we are back to ground zero. And I’ve been there a lot of times but, I’ve learnt something. If am to take on a goal that for some reason I haven’t done anything about to this point; a re-evaluation is necessary. So today am looking into the reasons why I think most of us don’t get to stay on the path of change and the mindset needed to move forward. 


  • Fear; We can either use it to our advantage or we can let it take advantage of us. There is so much we fear; however, the fear of failure is the giant. Because, we let our minds recount and magnify every detail in every single moment of failure. Which in turn paralyses us and we can’t move forward. However, if progress is what we really want, we need to revisit the failures. Ask ourselves questions and look into the reasons why we think we failed. Did we give the goals our all?  If not, what more can we do. Do we need to implement new strategies or do we need to change our perspective? Because at the end of the day looking at failure as a learning experience is one of the best shot we’ve got at getting to change. 


  • Comfort; We day dream, we talk about it endlessly but we never really make the move. “It’s too warm here and it’s too cold out there, I really don’t have to” we say .However, the comfort zone is a good place to be but nothing ever grows there so, whatever little we sow, is the little we reap. There is no short cut to having the life we want except by learning to embrace discomfort. Having the discipline to stick to schedule even when we don’t feel like it. Because” Life only begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsch 


  • Familiarity; I’ve heard it continuously and even I’ve said it sometimes. “Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t” A perfect excuse to put up with people, things, situations that do more harm than good to our lives. Because we hate to start over, we crave change yet we are not willing to venture out into new paths. We never really know what we don’t know unless we are willing to step into the unknown. The feeling of being the new kid in school will always be there on the path to change. So, we have to decide if familiarity is worth the price of our dreams and goals. 


  • Lack of faith; We have been disappointed too many times that we don’t believe there is any good left out there. It’s a struggle I know, it has been for me sometimes but, somethings you just have to believe to receive. Your unbelief could be costing you the life you want. What do you have to lose by having a little faith and what do you gain by always expecting doom? Expecting the best out of life is one of the greatest motivation you’ll ever need to get you started or keep you on the path of change. 


So, my excuse to do away with what has not been working, to get back to achieving my goals. To fill up my life with all the good I’ve only been dreaming of, to start over a new page. Is to always remind myself that each day, each month is always a clean slate, a new beginning. “It’s never too late to change the direction that your life is going in” Dr. Wayne Dyer.  

Which goals do you need to get back to? What has been holding you back? What small steps can you take today to get you back on track? 

Be inspired to live your best life everyday 

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